Strawberry & Cape Gooseberry Quark Mousse … Light, healthy, addictive, refreshing, Strawberry & Cape Gooseberry Quark Mousse is a wonderful spring dessert. Use fruit in season to give a burst of natural flavours and sweetness!

Kumquat Quark Cheesecake with a Date Almond Kumquat Base … a lighter, gluten free cheesecake with a fat free nut base!

Buttermilk Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta with Balsamic Strawberries … minimum fuss, quick to make, do ahead and divinely delicious, a winner every single time.

Coffee Chocolate Mascarpone Layered Cake  …… a promise of deliciousness in every bite. As the name suggests, the cake had everything we love about desserts – Coffee + Chocolate + Mascarpone! 

Red Berry Crumbles … quick, comforting, fruity and satisfying, this is a dessert you can’t go wrong with!

Tropical Coconut Milk Rice Pudding … Tropical Coconut Milk Rice Pudding is creamy with beautiful texture. Colourful & gluten free too.A wonderful make ahead dessert option.

Pumpkin Pie Spice and Walnut Loaf Cake … A healthy delicious tea cake with a generous dose of whole wheat flour.The pumpkin & pie spice adds a nice deep dimension to it.Buttermilk frosting and marzipan make it festive.

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Plum Ice Cream for Pinktober … Healthy and full of fruity goodness, this is perfect for the breast cancer awareness month


Mango Pastel de Tres Leches … super moist, light, airy and super delicious sponge cake soaked in the three kinds of milk … a layered tres leches with mango & cream

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Deep Dark Salted Butter Caramel Eggless Yogurt Cheesecakes … Indulgent little desserts… rich, deeply flavoured and oh so satisfying.