Mango Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta … Mother’s Day Special – Delicious Creamy Indulgent

Strawberry Quark Ice Cream … Celebrate summer with the ‘bursting with flavour’ and the goodness of strawberries low fat Strawberry Quark Ice Cream. It will leave you asking for more!

Dark Chocolate Nutella Kumquat Pudding …deeply, soul satisfying, smooth and beautiful texture;delightful for an eggless chocolate pudding. Using oats meant that it ended up being gluten free.

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Buttermilk Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta with Balsamic Strawberries … minimum fuss, quick to make, do ahead and divinely delicious, a winner every single time.

Red Berry Crumbles … quick, comforting, fruity and satisfying, this is a dessert you can’t go wrong with!

Tropical Coconut Milk Rice Pudding … Tropical Coconut Milk Rice Pudding is creamy with beautiful texture. Colourful & gluten free too.A wonderful make ahead dessert option.

Plum Ice Cream for Pinktober … Healthy and full of fruity goodness, this is perfect for the breast cancer awareness month


Deep Dark Salted Butter Caramel Eggless Yogurt Cheesecakes … Indulgent little desserts… rich, deeply flavoured and oh so satisfying.

Dark Chocolate Orange Eggless Yogurt Cheesecake … A wonderful fast track and economical cheesecake. Scrumptious too.

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Peach Mango Low Fat Ice Cream … A refreshing and delicately flavoured low fat frozen treat.