Wholegrain GlutenFree Amaranth Brownie Biscotti - Deep, dark, comforting … all the goodness that biscotti promises to be in this gluten free avatar. Wholegrain GF Amaranth Brownie Biscotti offers you a GF alternative to this delicious twice baked Italian classic

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Strawberry Quark Ice Cream … Celebrate summer with the ‘bursting with flavour’ and the goodness of strawberries low fat Strawberry Quark Ice Cream. It will leave you asking for more!

Eggless Almond Honey Wholegrain Cookies … Wholegrain cookies with deep delicious butterscotch flavour.Almond meal adds interesting taste, and chocolate chips are thrown in to make another quintessential chocolate chip cookie, this time eggless. 

Dark Chocolate Nutella Kumquat Pudding …deeply, soul satisfying, smooth and beautiful texture;delightful for an eggless chocolate pudding. Using oats meant that it ended up being gluten free.

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Kumquat Quark Cheesecake with a Date Almond Kumquat Base … a lighter, gluten free cheesecake with a fat free nut base!

Pumpkin Pie Spice and Walnut Loaf Cake … A healthy delicious tea cake with a generous dose of whole wheat flour.The pumpkin & pie spice adds a nice deep dimension to it.Buttermilk frosting and marzipan make it festive.

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Mango Pastel de Tres Leches … super moist, light, airy and super delicious sponge cake soaked in the three kinds of milk … a layered tres leches with mango & cream

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Tres Leches wholewheat lemon pound cake #comfortfood #cake #tresleches#food

Tres Leches wholewheat lemon pound cake #comfortfood #cake #tresleches#food

Bittersweet Chocolate Fallen Gateau … the gateau is given a charming uplift with a chocolate lace collar. Crème Patisserie & Balsamic Vanilla Strawberries make the chocolate experience even more special.